5 Best Pet Snakes For Children?

Children, like adults, often have a fascination with pet snakes. A pet snake can be a friend as well as a learning subject at your home for the children, such as a science project or a knowledge base for life sciences or biology.

There are several options out there to choose the right species of snakes that are most suitable for your child. It all depends on what your child wants and the kind of relationship they are expecting. You need to know how friendly the snake is or how safe it would be around your children.

It is best to do a bit of research yourself on the complete life cycle of the snake that you are opting to select for your child. It would be best to share this information with them too so that you both are aware of the behavior of your pet snake.

People are often scared of snakes. But considering the calm nature and less maintenance compared to the other species of pets, snakes are more suitable pets if you have children at your house. Here we describe the 5 best pet snakes for children.

Is A Snake A Good Pet For Children?

Snakes are not as harmful when you own a non-venomous snake and one that does not cause a threat. There are many snakes that are harmless and submissive to human contact but the need to keep them fed and healthy is also a must.

One good reason for the snake to be a pet is its low maintenance and less attention needed than cats and dogs. Another good reason for having snakes is they don’t shed hair like any other furry animal pet, especially if you are allergic to them. As long as the pet snake is not wild-caught and well-bred there is no harm.

Children can learn a lot when keeping a snake as a pet. They learn about the biological characteristics of the snake and also how snakes are a part of the environment. Also, they know about the life in the wild as well when they find out more about their pet snakes.

How To Choose The Best Pet Snake For Children?

There are thousands of snake species to choose from for a pet and when it comes to children you need to be more cautious about the snake you are choosing. Snakes that are calm and docile, easy to care for, and friendly are the best choices.

It is better to choose a snake that is not too big in size so that your child can handle it with care and not feel cumbersome holding it. It is wise to find a healthy snake as it will be easier for the child to look after, in this way it will not require too much attention either. You must have an idea of what food to provide the snake you are choosing, as it is better to be prepared for the snake as well as you and your child. It is better to choose snakes that have a simple diet.

5 Best Pet Snakes For Children?

These are the foremost choices for pet snakes for your child:

1.     Corn Snake

The Corn snake is one of the most popular snakes among friendly kinds. This snake is native to North America and is one of the most popular breeds. This snake has a docile nature and is easily get as well. Children also like a good-looking snake pet which is why the corn snake is a great choice. Corn snakes don’t grow too large and so don’t need a very big enclosure either. They don’t have any trouble adapting to their environment and will never bite. This snake is a great option for beginners as well.

2.     Ball Python

The ball python or royal python is another snake with a shy and calm nature which is why many people like to keep them as pets. They also have many morphs which means there are many beautiful colors and patterns available for your child to like and choose from. The Ball Python is easy to care for and needs less trouble to keep. It needs a medium enclosure until it grows bigger, then you might have to elaborate its space.

3.     California King Snake

The California kingsnake is one of the most popular snakes that are kept in captivity. It has a wide color variation and is easy to care for and is non-venomous also. This snake grows up to an average length of 3 feet which is a good option for keeping in medium-sized tanks or terrariums. Children can keep this snake as a pet but with some help from adults as it may feel threatened once in a while and tend to bite. California kingsnake is considered to be harmless to humans overall.

4.     Rosy Boa

The Rosy Boa has a docile nature and does not grow too big which makes it an ideal snake for children. This snake has many colors and stripes which look very interesting to kids. The rosy boa does not need a big enclosure due to its small size. As this snake needs unique care your child will need to spend a little time with it to understand. Also, they might need some help in handling and feeding too.

5.     Gopher Snake

Gopher snakes are one of the harmless snake species until it feels threatened. It takes some time, in the beginning, to adjust to its environment. These snakes can be very good pets for children once they are born into captivity. They are docile animals and the best option is to choose the captive-bred from any breeder.


Children have a fascination for snakes and there are many good reasons for keeping snakes as pets. First of all, snakes are calm and quiet animals, they have no trouble shedding fur and litter around the house, they can be enclosed in one place all day long, they are easy to care for and needs the least attention.

Children are also fascinated with snakes that have colorful skins and beautiful patterns. They also create an interest in its lifestyle and how they live and grow. There is a lot to learn from keeping snakes at home for your children. You just need to make sure that the guidelines and caretaking job is followed properly. Surely, you and your child will have an exciting experience together looking after your pet snake.

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