What Do Baby Black Snakes Eat?

All baby snakes, either wild or domestic will follow their parent’s eating habits so it will not be a surprise. But then again food intake may vary from one snake to another and snake owners need to be careful what they feed their snakes and babies as well with much care. The food intake varies among different species and breeds. Some snakes like worms or earthworms, while others devour rodents and birds, and bird eggs. But babies often tend to like worms, guppies, or small crawling insects that are easier to eat and digest.

There are many things to consider to deciding on what to feed your baby black snake. This article covers what baby black snakes eat, how to attract them to feed, and many more things which will be useful to both novice and expert.

What Baby Snakes Are Black?

Black baby snakes are ringneck, copperhead, black racer, garter snake, chicken snake, rattlesnake, and many others which is why it is difficult to identify them when babies. The most common black snakes identified are the rat snakes and black racer babies. They are both non-venomous and like to eat rodents, lizards, birds, and eggs. But baby snakes can look similar in many cases and can be identified only when they are grown into adults.

What Does A Black Baby Snake Look Like?

As mentioned before black baby snakes can look the same having the same color and sizes. Often, baby black snakes will look like a worm but baby snakes are bigger than worms and don’t have segmented bodies or move differently. So, if you identify something like that you need to observe to tell the difference.

What Do Baby Black Snakes Eat?

Baby black snakes eat smaller-sized food like insects, eggs, small rodents, or baby mice. They usually eat the same food and follow their parents. As all snakes are carnivores their sole diet is living creatures or eggs. Again, there are differences in meals for wild baby snakes and domestic baby snakes. That again depends on what the mother is eating. Wild snakes feed on more wildly available food like rabbits, frogs, and birds, or dig earthworms and bird eggs buried under the soil.

What Attracts Black Snakes?

Snakes are attracted by several items or things like water ponds or waterfalls, damp mud soils or cool places, and vegetation. Also, if mice are abundant, rats are small animals or rodents that may cause the snake to seek food and enter the home surroundings. Therefore, it is better to avoid keeping these things near your home if you don’t want sudden visitors slithering through your backyard. Snakes are also attracted by the smell of particularly any familiar things such as moist soil or rodents thinking they have found a hospitable environment. So it is better to not keep these things outside.

What Do Baby Black Racer Snakes Eat?

Baby Black Racers feed on rodents, other small er snakes, moles, lizards, frogs or toads, birds, and bird eggs. Their babies will eat the same but smaller items from these food groups depending on their size. On the other hand, black racers are garden-friendly which means they reduce the chances of rodents or pests that damage your garden. So, if you see a black racer in your garden then you should be a bit relieved that your garden has its pest controller.

What Do Baby Black Rat Snakes Eat?

Black Rat snakes eat rodents, like mice, rats, moles, and chipmunks. They also like to feed on small lizards, frogs, and bird eggs like many snakes do. The babies will naturally eat the same food but may have to choose according to its size. Baby rat snakes do not have much trouble with though like other baby snakes do. Young rat snakes feed on lizards and frogs but this is not recommended for domestic snakes as they may carry unknown diseases in your home. It can even make it sick. Baby rat snakes should be allowed to eat small rodents once in a while. As they are too small to handle big-sized food, it is better to give them food according to their sizes like mouse fuzzy or small mice. Frozen raw animals are another good choice to feed baby rat snakes.


As we can tell that baby snakes of any species will tend to eat what their parents will eat, there is no surprise for you, to think about what kind of feed is appropriate for your baby black snakes. You don’t have to look very far for the right food for your baby snakes. But you need to take good care so that the proper nutrition is given. Pet snakes are as important as baby snakes to you. So, we have to know the right diet for them at a young as well as adult age. Black snakes are quite often found in the wild as well as their babies. When you see a baby black snake do not get scared and just treat them like any pet animal’s baby.

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