Rosy Boa: Facts And Care Guide

Rosy Boa Care Guide

Rosy boas are beautiful and docile pet snakes with a calm temperament. Rosy boas require care that is tailored to their specific needs. In this care guide, we will cover everything you need to know on how to care for rosy boas, including how to set up your tank, feed them, and upkeep their habitat. … Read more

Do Pet Snakes Like To Be Petted?

taking care of a pet snake

Snakes tend to bond with their owners in two ways – people who believe they can bond and those who do not. It’s a matter of perspective. Snakes can show emotion to a certain extent, and they do recognize their owners, but it depends on the individual snake. Every pet owner loves to pet their … Read more

How To Take Care Of California Kingsnake – Species Profile, Facts And Care Guide

How to take care of california kingsnake

California kingsnakes are creatures of fascinating contrasts. According to some, its name derives from its willingness to eat other snakes, including some venomous ones. In spite of snake venom’s debilitating effects, king snakes have an amazing resistance to it. Taking care of california kingsnake is easy and won’t take much effort. The California king is … Read more

Blue Beauty Snake Care Guide

blue beauty snake

A fairly large, semi-arboreal snake, the Blue Beauty Snake is found throughout much of Vietnam. It, therefore, has the common name “Vietnam Blue Beauty”. This species lives in forests, rivers, and caves in subtropical and tropical environments. Their favorite food, rodents, makes human developments prime breeding grounds for them. In this blue beauty snake care … Read more